Begin to do that which is necessary.

Then do that which is possible.

And suddenly you will be doing the impossible.

(Franz von Assisi)



It is the stillness before the first tone, which is the beginning of music.

And it is not the last note that ends it but the stillness thereafter.

(Giora Feidman)



It is the spirit alone that either binds us or sets us free.




Healing is growing from within.

To mature is to allow the light to flow inside.

(Andrea Elser)



When there is human resonance we can say that something is being exchanged.

It is not by chance that you are on this site.

This resonance regulates WHEN, HOW and WHERE events happen.

If it is meant to be we will meet.

From my heart I whish you and all the people whom you have met or will meet only the Best,

Light, Love, Peace and Healing.


Andrea Elser